Seeing is Believing 2013 - Planning Board

Alan Glazier, OD

Dr. Alan Glazier is Founder/CEO of a large private optometric practice in the Rockville, Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. He has been interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine, on Blog Talk Radio and by NetworkSolutions regarding his cutting edge use of social media. Dr. Glazier is author of "Searchial Marketing”. Dr. Glazier has been selected by the readers of Review of Optometric Business and Vision Monday as a “2011 Optometric Business Innovator" for his use of digital media and was selected as one of the top industry influencers in 2012. He conceptualized and is a co-founder of Seeing Is Believing Conference.

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO, of Bright Eyes Family Vision Care, Tampa, Florida is an optometrist specializing in pediatric vision. A social media evangelist and consultant, "Dr. Nate" is a speaker, writer, as well as co-founder of "Peripheral Vision" which educates eyecare professionals about social media and Foursquare Day, an international social media holiday. His wife and two children are adorably delightful.

Neil Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO

Dr. Neil Gailmard is president and COO of Prima Eye Group, a practice management alliance for optometrists. He is also CEO of Gailmard Eye Center, a large multi-doctor practice in the Chicago area. Neil serves as a management consultant to ODs in private practice and he is a visiting lecturer at University of California, Berkeley. He has authored the popular Optometric Management Tip of the Week e-newsletter for over ten years.

Dr. Gary Gerber

Dr. Gary Gerber is the founder and president The Power Practice®, a practice building and consulting company whose mission is to help doctors power their professional and personal dreams. Dr. Gerber is also a prolific writer and speaker as well as an accomplished mentalist and magician who uses illusions to help illustrate his key learning points as well as entertain his audiences. He has authored hundreds of articles and given more than 500 thought provoking and enlightening presentations.

His team of consultant-optometrists at the Power Practice® is renowned for the innovative strategies and comprehensive systems used to build their clients’ practices. Comprised of knowledgeable authorities from all sectors of the optometric business world, these consultants specialize in taking middle of the bell curve practices and making them highly profitable and efficient.

Dr. Richard Hults

Dr. Hults has been president and CEO of Dr. R. E. Hults and Assoc., Inc. for nearly 30 years, one of the largest LensCrafters affiliated practices in the U.S. Dr. Hults is a Board Member of ALLDocs and the annual meeting planner for the ALLDocs Conference, annually bringing together the country's most successful LC doctors. Dr. Hults has cultivated considerable experience as a liaison to corporate optometry and just may be the only OD, JD, MBA in the country!

Michael Porat

Mr. Porat is the Chief Operating Officer of EyeCarePro and the liaison between the EyeCarePro team and the Planning Board. Mr. Porat is responsible for the day to day planning and operations of the conference.

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