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What are the In-Person Training Seminars from SSWUG.ORG and Pragmatic Works?

Starting in July 2012, the two organizations started providing in-person training seminars and hands-on labs at the SSWUG.org studios in Tucson, AZ on Microsoft-developed products, such as SQL Server, SharePoint, and PowerPivot.

Who attends the training seminars?

The typical student at the training seminar is an IT professional, such as a database administrator and business intelligence analyst, who is searching for cutting-edge content to succeed in his or her job and stay up on the latest technology.

What is the attire at the training seminars?

While the training seminars cater to IT professionals, attendees can dress in business casual attire to ensure a level of comfortability while learning about the technical subjects that will be presented.

Where can I find hotel and travel information?

Hotel and travel information for this event is located on the right portion of the page. It will include a map that offers turn-by-turn directions to the event location, as well as recommended hotels near the training site. For additional travel information, please contact travel@bitsonthewire.com.

What is the cancellation policy?

A full refund will be provided with seven days advanced written notice prior to the event. Cancellations less than seven days prior to the event will receive Pragmatic Works credit towards another Workshop, Advanced Online Training or Software purchase.

What do I need to bring to the training seminars?

Attendees will have access to the training center's computers. Food, beverages and notepads will be supplied to all attendees.

What is SSWUG.ORG?

Founded in 1999, SSWUG.ORG is an industry-leading website that provides educational resources and information on data management, collaboration software, development tools and cloud computing to more than 570,000 members. Events and instructional videos are regularly offered and in-depth articles are posted daily onto the site. For more information, visit www.sswug.org.

What is Pragmatic Works?

The Pragmatic Works mission is to make businesses more intelligent by making technology simple to use, learn and accelerate. Whether by introducing the unemployed or underemployed to technology with the Pragmatic Works Foundation, developing software that democratizes the previously difficult project or by delivering the best consultants and trainers, each employee at Pragmatic Works is focused on the mission to grow your business and people. For more information, visit www.pragmaticworks.com.

How do I register for the event?

To register for a training seminar from SSWUG.ORG and Pragmatic Works, simply click the “Register Now” in the upper portion of the page. Registration options are available on the day of the event as well if seats are still available, however, the student runs the risk of not having space in the training site to attend.



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