Online Course:SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP


Opens March 20th, 2015 and Closes After April 19th, 2015

Kalen Delaney, course instructor and celebrated author of SQL Server 2012 Internals, will tell you all about how SQL Server 2014’s In-Memory OLTP works.

In-Memory OLTP (Codename “Hekaton”) is a completely new way of managing your SQL Server data, allowing incredible performance improvements. You can choose some or all of your critical tables to be stored completely in memory, all the time, so there is no cost for physical IO’s. In addition, these memory-optimized tables are completely lock-free and latch-free, providing additional performance benefits. Finally, you can choose to contain your application code in natively compiled procedures to avoid any query interpretation during execution, which adds additional cost savings. Current In-Memory OLTP users are seeing up to a 30-fold performance increase for their OLTP workloads.

The target audience for this class is administrators, developers or IT professionals who have experience with a recent version of SQL Server.

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Course Description

In this course you will learn about:

• How to create a database for storing memory-optimized tables
• Restrictions on memory-optimized table features
• How data rows are stored
• How indexes on memory-optimized tables are different than index on disk-based tables
• Hash indexes considerations
• Managing range indexes
• Accessing data stored in memory-optimized tables
• How data is modified using completely lock-free and latch-free operations
• Concurrency management and isolation levels for In-Memory OLTP
• What checkpoint does for your completely memory-resident tables
• How recovery can restore your memory-optimized tables
• Why natively compiled procedures are so much faster than interpreted procedures

Course Structure/Cost

Once registered, you'll have instant access to all 6 sessions for a full 30 days. Watch as often as you like, re-watch sessions, download supporting materials, ask questions of the instructor... you'll have full access during the course!

The course cost is $169 for full SSWUG.ORG members and $199 for non-members and free for PRO members. The cost of the DVD with purchase of the course is an additional $199. The DVD costs $399 if you do not purchase a course seat. Course downloads, and the ability to email questions to the instructor are included with course purchase only. If you are unable to view all the sessions in the alotted time, we can offer you a 30 day course extension for only $79.00.


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    Kalen Delaney

    Kalen Delaney has been working with SQL Server for over 27 years. She has provided performance consulting services and taught advanced courses o...