Setting up SQL Server on Windows Azure

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, 1:00 PM Eastern

Webcast Overview

In this webinar, we'll explore the options, pros and cons of each and how-to information about setting up databases with Microsoft's Azure systems. This will include a look at both Database Services and Virtual-Machine-oriented solutions, along with different considerations and things to understand about each.

Here's a look at the different topics to be addresses:

- Setting up your Windows Azure SQL Database
- Setting up a VM
- Setting up a SQL Server on a VM
- Understanding some of the differences between VM and WASD implementations
- Making the choice, questions to ask
- Best Practices
- Disaster Recovery considerations in the environments

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Webcast Structure and Cost

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    Stephen Wynkoop

    Stephen Wynkoop is the founder and editor for SSWUG.ORG – the SQL Server Worldwide User’s Group where ...