Student Growth and Learning Conference-Online

Kids At The Core is hosting our online conference all about measuring student learning and growth!

Think WEBINAR taken to a whole new level: Video Presentations, Live Chats, Networking: All the perks of a Traditional Conference--none of the travel costs.

WHAT is it?
A virtual conference! Its an online conference with video feed, live chat, sharing of resources and exciting tools from educators working 100's of miles apart. Its a conference you attend from the convenience of your own computer. No travel. No hotels. No extra costs. Just you, your computer, and full access to an incredibly convenient, rich conference experience.

Powerful presentations will get you and your team thinking, spark discussion and sharing of ideas through an online platform. Teachers and Administrators will have a chance to network and share successes and lessons learned through chat features, networking tools and presentations. There are separate tracks (think virtual rooms with chat features) for Fine Arts teachers, K-2 teachers, Social Studies teachers, ELA teachers, Science teachers Administrators and more! Presentations will be fast paced and informative.

WHEN is it?
June 9th from 9am-2pm CST.

WHERE is it?
Its online, so you can attend, relaxed, from anywhere you want. No travel needed. On the big day all you need to do is log in, watch your broadcast, and get involved through our chat rooms.

HOW do I participate?
You won’t need anything fancy, just your computer! You will watch the broadcast and interact with the other educators in your session AND YOUR PRESENTER! That means direct access to presenters to answer your questions leading your discussion!

Tickets can be purchased as individuals or as teams to watch and discuss together.

WHO should attend?

Classroom Teachers:
With a variety of different tracks available, teachers can find a niche that will provide them with content specific to their needs. Teachers will get time together with other educators facing the same challenges they are and have an opportunity to network, find answers and share thoughts and resources.

Administrators can network and learn through the administrator track as well as participate in any of the subject or grade specific tracks. Can’t watch it all at once? No Problem! Because all our presentations are pre-recorded, you can watch what you missed “on-demand” for up to 90 days after the conference is over.

Your registration to the Student Growth & Learning Conference gives you access to content, presentations and more for up to 90 days after the event. Tickets can be purchased for individuals, Teams, and even whole Buildings. Watch it solo, or bring your whole team for grade level and even building workshops.

Individual Pass:
If only one person wants to attend, this is the option for you. No need to plan out your day trying to figure out which presentations might apply to your area in the field of education! Your virtual rooms will have presentations and discussions directed at your are of expertise and the most relevant discussions for you. You get access to your content for up to 90-days after the event.

Team Pass:
Is your grade level ready to plan together? Are you hoping to attend with multiple members of your department? Watch it as a group, or watch it on your own and discuss later. Everyone gets their own login, ability to participate in giveaways and discussions, and access to their own content for up to 90-days after the event. Discuss as a large group before and after the workshop and even carry the discussion and activities to faculty meetings and SIP in the fall.

Building Pass:
If you are looking to bring relevant grade level discussions and content to many people in your building, the pass allows you up to 50 tickets. Watch it as a group, or watch it in teams or even watch parts together and parts after. Discuss as a large group before and after the workshop and even carry the discussion and activities to faculty meetings and SIP in the fall.



Customized packages for your building/district are available. Please contact