SSWUG Expo Event: SQL Server Disaster Prevention and Recovery

Friday, June 17, 2011
9 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. PDT

Sessions will cover the following topics:

Premium Track

  • Understanding SQL Server Forensics
  • Determining Server Issues Without Third-Party Tools
  • Creating SQL Server Backups
  • Fitting Database Mirroring into a High Availability/Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Creating Mirroring Configurations via the GUI and T-SQL
  • Utilizing Clustering and Mirroring Technologies to Achieve High Availability
  • Minimizing Downtime During SQL Server 2005 Cluster to SQL 2008 R2 Migrations

Best of SSWUG.ORG Track

  • Setting up, Maintaining and Monitoring Database Mirroring
  • Integrating Fail-over Clustering, Log Shipping and Database Snapshots
  • Finding and Blocking SQL Injection Attacks
  • Developing a Preventive Maintenance Regimen
  • Log Shipping over a Wide Area Network

SSWUG.ORG’s virtual expo will showcase several ways to prevent a SQL Server disaster and how to recover the database in the event of loss or damage. Through our in-depth sessions with some of the leading SQL Server experts in the information technology (IT) field, you will see many demonstrations and examples on anticipating and reducing the likelihood of a database tragedy. By the end of our event, you will know of some practical ways to alleviate the effects of a disaster if, or when, one occurs.

Premium, Personal Recommendation and “Best of SSWUG.ORG” Tracks

More than eight sessions on SQL Server disaster recovery and prevention are available to attendees through SSWUG.ORG’s three expo tracks – Premium, Personal Recommendation and “Best of SSWUG.ORG”.

Premium: Four, brand-new sessions that are exclusive to SSWUG.ORG will be shown. Experts such as Sarah Barela, Meredith Ryan-Smith, Ayad Shammout and Ryan Adams will delve deep into their subject matter, with each session lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. Premium attendees also receive full access to enhanced features and options.

Personal Recommendation: Based upon attendee interest in SQL Server disaster recovery and prevention, the SSWUG.ORG team has curated a personally recommended block of content for you to watch. This will be a mix of videos and articles covering the expo topics.

Attendees that purchase the Premium and Personal Recommendation tracks also receive the following upgrades:

  • 45 days of on-demand viewing for all sessions, allowing you to revisit key portions of information at a convenience
  • Purchased DVDs include all sessions from Premium and “Best of SSWUG.ORG” tracks
  • Ability to participate in live chat sessions with all speakers and attendees
  • Access to download scripts, code and other materials from speakers
  • Two complimentary months of full membership to SSWUG.ORG, where you can learn even more about SQL Server and database-related topics through in-depth articles, podcasts, how-to videos and more

At no cost, all attendees can view four sessions in the “Best of SSWUG.ORG” track. These sessions were previously shown at a past SSWUG.ORG virtual conference and last no more than 60 minutes. Those that attend the event without purchasing the additional Premium and Personal Recommendation tracks will have limited access to certain features and options.

Expo attendees who only want to access the free content receive the following features:

  • 7 days of on-demand viewing of sessions in the “Best of SSWUG.ORG” track
  • Purchased DVDs only include sessions in the “Best of SSWUG.ORG” track
  • Ability to participate in live chat sessions with speakers and attendees in the “Best of SSWUG.ORG” track
  • One complimentary month of full membership to SSWUG.ORG


Expo Structure and Costs

All attendees can access and participate in the “Best of SSWUG.ORG” track for free. The Premium track, which includes access to the Personal Recommendation track, is available for $39 to SSWUG.ORG’s members and $49 to non-members. To become a full member and save on all upcoming SSWUG.ORG events, visit to start the process.

For thorough examination of the topics in the comfort of your home and office, DVDs of the sessions are also priced at $99.

Please register now to learn from more than eight acclaimed SQL Server experts on Friday, June 17!

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    Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams is a SQL DBA and has worked for a Fortune 100 company for 13 years. He is the sole SQL Server DBA for his group, supporting both vendor dat...

    Sarah Barela

    Sarah Barela is the Manager of Database Services at Cbeyond Cloud Services. She specializes in the administration of enterprise environments with larg...

    Meredith Ryan-Smith

    Meredith Ryan-Smith has more than 10 years of experience in IT, with responsibilities ranging from ‘manning’ the help desk to VMS-VAX clus...

    Ayad Shammout

    Ayad Shammout is a SQL & BI Consultant. He has more than 20 years deep experience in Microsoft platforms and products, specializing in SQL Server,...

    Glenn Alan Berry

    Glenn works as a Database Architect at Avalara in Denver, Colorado. He is a SQL Server MVP, and he has a whole collection of Microsoft certifications,...

    Jeffrey Garbus

    Jeff Garbus has over twenty years of expertise in architecture, tuning and administration of Microsoft SQL Server databases at hundreds of client site...

    Kevin Kline

    Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert and software industry veteran. A long-time Microsoft SQL Server MVP and noted leader in the IT industry, Kev...