Deploying Windows 7

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:00 a.m. ET - 5 p.m. ET

2010 is the Year of the Desktop Upgrade

So, there's no doubt that Windows 7 is a huge success. But if you're coming to Windows 7 from a previous Windows version, you're going to notice a number of changes—some big, some small. And while Windows 7's changes are mostly improvements, unfamiliarity can lead to poor management and user serviceability.

In this day-long free online conference sponsored by Intel Corporation, Windows technical specialist, MVP, and certified trainer, John Savill will help you deploy the new OS whether you are already in the process of migrating or still deciding if it's the right choice at the current time. The day's sessions will highlight key new features in Windows 7, crucial steps in your upgrade, how to manage a secure but usable desktop, linking your new OS to a solid management infrastructure, and why VDI goes so well with Windows 7. In addition IT@Intel will be supporting each session with short presentations about Intel's experience with Windows 7 and participating in the Q&A's.

John Savill will help you understand how you and your IT department can benefit as much as users, and some of the challenges in your deployment strategy.

Sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Windows 7 Secrets: Keynote by guest presenter Paul Thurrott
  • Moving from XP to Windows 7
  • Making Windows 7 Secure
  • Exploring SCCM, SC DPM, and SCSM in relation to Windows 7
  • Understanding Desktop Virtualization


Attendee Interaction

Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask live questions via our platform's interface, chat with other attendees in the Networking Lounge, and chat directly with sponsors in the Exhibit Hall. Also, visitors who reach a certain points level (determined by activity in the environment, visiting booths, etc.) will have the opportunity to win some great prizes! Please join John Savill for this free virtual event to get key takeaways that can help you with your Windows 7 deployment!

Giveaways and Interaction

  • Don't forget that during each event we hold giveaways. The point is to encourage you to interact at the event like you would at an in-person event. You will get points for certain activities and at the end of the event those with the most points will be eligible to win certain prizes.

    The more you participate, the more points you earn! It's that simple. You'll earn prize points for each activity you participate in throughout the virtual conference. Above is the breakdown of points you can receive. Points will be calculated at the end of each live event, and the person with the most points will win a Microsoft Zune! Winners will be notified within one week of the live event date via email.