Online Course: Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

11 On-Demand Sessions Open on November 30, 2012 and Closes After December 29, 2012

Course Overview

As we build larger and more powerful data centric applications, the need to bring all this information together will become more and more important. Building efficient and intelligent ETL processes will be both a requirement and a skill that will be found to be in high demand. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is one such ETL tool, and because it comes with Microsoft SQL Server, it will also continue to rise in popularity.

This Virtual Class, delivered by Eric Johnson, will guide you into the world of SQL Server Integration Services. The class will start at the very basics of making a new package, and will progress towards advanced topics such as debugging and deployment. The entire goal of the course is to take you from never having used SSIS to being a competent SSIS developer in eleven sessions.

You'll learn what SSIS is and how SSIS packages can be used to create rich and robust ETL packages. We will cover all aspects of SSIS including Control Flow and Data Flow elements. You will understand how tasks, transformations, sources, and destinations all work in concert to manipulate and move data.

The class will also explore more advanced aspects of SSIS such as scripts, expressions, debugging, deployment, and much more. By the end of the class you should be able to build, automate, and deploy packages that do what you want and run efficiently.

Eric has worked with SSIS since its release with SQL Server 2005 and before that he spent a lot of time wading around in DTS packages. He is bringing his experiences and frustrations to you so that you can learn SSIS quickly and correctly.

Course Structure and Cost

The course will be available on demand beginning July 31, 2012. The 11 sessions will be available on demand for 30 days only. Upon registration and payment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to test your system in order to view the classes, as well as a link that will remain active for the 30-day, on-demand period. 

The course cost is $169 for full SSWUG.ORG members and $199 for non-members. The cost of the DVD with purchase of the course is an additional $199. The DVD costs $399 if you do not purchase a course seat. Course downloads and the ability to email questions to the instructor are included with course purchase only.

Once you have completed the course, you will have the opportunity to take a quiz and receive a course certificate. After passing the quiz, please allow five business days to receive the certificate via e-mail download link.

Group Registration

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    Eric Johnson

    Eric is the co-founder of Consortio Services, and the primary Database Technologies Consultant.

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