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    Eric Johnson

    Eric is the co-founder of Consortio Services, and the primary Database Technologies Consultant.

    His background in Information Tec...


  • Session 1: The SSIS Basics

    In this opening session, we will look at the structure of the class and what to expect for the next twelve sessions. We begin our tour of SSIS by look...

  • Session 2: Control Flow Basics

    In Session 1, we overviewed the different components that make up SSIS packages. In this session, we will take a detailed look at Control Flow. The Co...

  • Session 3: Data Flow - Sources and Destinations

    The Data Flow task will do most of the heavy lifting in SSIS packages and will usually be far more complex and detailed then anything you will do in t...

  • Session 4: Data Flow - Transformations

    Now that you are familiar with how to retrieve and store data using data flows, we will look at manipulating data with transformations. In this first ...

  • Session 5: Advanced Transformations

    In this session we will continue our look at transformations. The transformations in the session are all a bit more complex than those in session 4. S...