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    Eric Johnson

    Eric is the co-founder of Consortio Services, and the primary Database Technologies Consultant.

    His background in Information Tec...


  • Session 1: Replication Overview

    In this opening session, we will look at the structure of the class and what to expect for the next twelve sessions. We begin our tour with an overvie...

  • Session 2: Replication Topologies and Configuration

    This session will provide you with an overview of the various topologies and configurations in replication. We will look at some of the more common to...

  • Session 3: Snapshot Replication

    In session 3, we will look at the simplest type of replication, Snapshot Replication. We will discuss basic configuration, the file locations used by ...

  • Session 4: Transactional Replication

    In this session, we look at the most common replication type, transactional replication. We will look at how you set up a transactional replication fr...

  • Session 5: Merge Replication

    This session covers Merge Replication in all its glory. We look at the configuration and initial sync in addition to peaking under the covers at how m...