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  • Understanding leadership
    This module describes the differences between management and leadership. We’ll discuss why both are important and necessary, and how it is possible to be one without being the other. We’ll also discuss the four fundamental leadership skills of outstanding leaders.
  • Know Thyself
    This module describes the pivotal role of personalities in the success of teams. We’ll discuss two common personality typing systems, DISC and MTBI, and how they can amplify the leader’s ability to achieve success by leveraging their own and their team’s strengths.
  • Understanding Technical Teams
    This module describes the six categories that motivate technologists. By learning what strongly motivates technologists, and avoiding what demotivates them, you’ll build a world-class team that delivers exceptional results. Other submodules include:
    • Character and Good Leaders
    • Active Listening Skills
    • Behavior and Outcomes: Why are they so important?
  • Skill: Launching a New Team
    Launching a new project or team is not as easy as it seems. This module delves in to the best practices for launching a new IT team or project.
  • Skill: Management by Objective
    There are many ways to manage your direct reports. This module explores one of the most effective techniques to manage technologists, called Management by Objectives (MBO), enabling them to achieve top results while enabling you to meet your organizational goals.
  • Skill: Communicating Upward
    This module covers techniques to help you influence management higher up in the organization.
  • Skill: Enabling Good Team Communications
    This module discusses methods to communicate that not only inform, but also build and reinforce the cohesion of a strong team.
  • Skill: Delegation
    This module teaches the importance of effective delegation and scale up the activity of your team.
  • Skill: Planning & Envisioning
    This module covers the topic of setting strategy for a team of technologists, winning support, and implementing the strategy.
  • Skill: Exposing and Resolving Underperformance and Problems
    It’s easy to lead a team of IT professionals when everyone is doing their job and is fun to work with. This module discusses how to handle situations with staff when a team member is underperforming.
  • Skill: Dealing with Objections
    This module discusses how to overcome impasses, obstacles and objections from within the team and from external sources.
  • Skill: Conducting Meetings
    This module discusses how to make the most of shared time amongst the team.
  • Skill: Dealing with Change
    This module covers how to help the team through a period of upheaval, such as major organizational change or negative situations.
  • Wrap-Up
    This brief section covers recommended reading, useful resources, and follow-up Q&A.
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