Eye Solutions Technologies offer the ultimate in AMD protection and Visual Performance for those demanding the best in vision.

Interactive, full color frame imagery is an important sales tool in today’s modern eyecare practice. 

The right photography, coupled with virtual try-on tools, can help eyecare professionals find exactly the right frame for their customers, enabling them to make purchasing decisions before seeing the actual physical frames.   FittingBox and Frames Data have partnered to meet this need. Working together, we offer the best digital interactive and photography services for the optical industry in North America.

FittingBox provides digital content and interactive solutions for the eyewear industry. With a strong focus on Research and Innovation, FittingBox is a multi-award winning company based in France.

Frames Data, a division of Jobson Optical Group, is the optical industry’s trusted authority on ophthalmic frame information.  Frames Data createsdatabase, website and reference products to help eyecare professionals run their businesses in the most effective way possible.

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OptometryStudents.com is the number one online resource for optometry students. Our team of optometry students creates news and articles on a daily basis and strives to keep our readers up to date and plugged in to the family of optometry. In addition, we are developing online clinical tools and apps to help students stay on top of their game throughout their fouryears of school.

Most importantly, our mission is to provide students with an opportunity to become more involved in their profession. We believe that students create the fruit we know as optometry and therefore we work hard to provide students with the avenues to live up to their full potential.

Take a look around and shoot us over an instant message to find out how OptometryStudents.com can help you excel in this wonderful career you have chosen. 

ClearVision Optical is an award-winning industry leader serving independent eyecare professionals worldwide.

Eyemaginations, Inc. is a healthcare media company focused on solutions that support professionals, patients and corporations in communicating and understanding complex topics. The company's in-depth experience with animation, design and software has enabled Eyemaginations to create integrated systems that provide clear and concise education solutions. Eyemaginations has a portfolio of products that are focused on eyecare, ENT, audiology and facial aesthetics. 

Marchon Eyewear covers over 100 additional countries through a vast distributor network, servicing in total over 86,000 accounts. Our retail division distributes eyewear to the world's most prestigious department stores, boutiques and Duty Free partners. Our portfolio of winning brands include a wide array of fashion and sport labels that generate over 16 million frames sold annually.

Prima Eye Group provides Consulting, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Business Supports services to independent private-practice optometrists.

RevolutionEHR is the leading cloud-based EHR for optometry. Spend more time with your patients.

In our highly competitive Internet marketing environment, the use of directories is a critical component of success. But what is a directory? What are the right directories to be a part of, and what can I expect from listing my practices with a specific directory. Mr. Schoenbart will discuss the use of directories across industries as well as provide an overview of directories used by optometric practices.

The Power Practice is the industry’s premier practice management and consulting group. We specialize in innovative practice building services and tools for optometrists. When working with our clients, the mission of The Power Practice is to increase doctor’s quality of practice life, efficiency and profitability. The Power Practice achieves these objectives by using innovative proprietary systems and strategies. The company was founded by Dr. Gary Gerber, an optometrist.

With almost 20 years of experience, The Power Practice consulting team is made-up of experienced, forward thinking and knowledgeable optometrists and non-OD business experts recruited from within the industry, who are able to help doctors achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives, through premium and customized systems.

Since 1955, VSP has provided high-quality, cost-effective, eyecare benefits–designed to support and grow independent optometry. More than sixty years, 28,000 doctors and 57 million patients later, we continue to focus on how best to connect patients to independent doctors and create new opportunities for those doctors to prosper.

Walman is a Proud Sponsor of SIB 2013!

Walmart / Sam’s Club have grown to be a Fortune 500 Company, a Fortune 500 Most Admired Company and a leading optical retailer because of our commitment to our O.D. partners, our patients and our customers. With a vision to be "The Trusted Eye Health Care Provider of Choice", we are dedicated to partnering with the "Best Doctors" in order to deliver the "Best Patient Experience" to all our patients.

As an Independent Optometrist located inside or adjacent to a Walmart Vision Center or Sam’s Club Optical location, you sublease space to practice “pure” Optometry. This allows you to practice to your state license’s fullest scope of practice and practical training, while allowing you to prescribe ophthalmic materials, lenses and therapeutics that you feel are best for your patients and their Optometric care. Since you control your Optometric practice, you set your own professional service fees, control your patient schedule, determine which insurance plans you wish to provide for, and manage/collect the associated patient revenues for your professional services. Rent includes your pre-testing equipment, fully furnished exam lanes, a furnished office (space, furniture, fixtures) and utilities.

If you are an Optometrist who is interested in operating your own business and committed to professionalism, we urge you to contact us today and learn more information about "Your Practice Made Perfect."

Established in 1971, A&A Optical offers the ultimate selection of premium eyewear with nine established collections. Each eyewear piece is masterfully created with a focus on lifestyle, fit and quality. From unique, one of a kind looks to European inspired designs; A&A is dedicated to delivering the most innovative products and exceptional customer service to meet the growing demands of the optical dispensary and retailer. Steady company growth has enabled A&A Optical to expand its global product distribution to reach Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and eye care retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

AOAExcelTM, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Optometric Association, is focused on helping optometrists achieve practice and professional success.

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