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The Pragmatic Works mission is to make businesses more intelligent by making technology simple to use, learn and accelerate. Whether by introducing the unemployed or underemployed to technology with the Pragmatic Works Foundation, developing software that democratizes the previously difficult project or by delivering the best consultants and trainers, each employee at Pragmatic Works is focused on the mission to grow your business and people.


Founded in 1999, SSWUG.ORG is an industry-leading website that provides news and information on data management, collaboration software, development tools and cloud computing to more than 550,000 registered users. Events and instructional videos are regularly provided, and in-depth articles are posted daily onto the site. For more information, visit www.sswug.org.

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    Mark Stacey

    Mark Stacey founded the Aphelion Software Group, and works tirelessly to cross the business / technical boundaries in Business Intelligence, working i...

    Lynn Holdheide

    American Institutes for Research (AIR)

    Lynn Holdheide, Ph.D., is a principal TA consultant at American Institutes for Rese...