Why Choose vConferenceOnline.com?

First, experience. We’ve successfully executed 1000s of events, have been around since before 2007 and we bring rare experience levels to make sure your event is excellent.

Second affordability. We believe powerful events shouldn't break the bank - they should be simply fantastic for you and your attendees, with features that allow you to make it your own.

Online event platform

vConferenceOnline.com is an online event platform built around broadcasting your content and fostering communication. We take the best of online video and presentation technology and meld it with a unique interactive environment for a best-in-class attendee and exhibitor experience. From online-first events, to hybrid online and offline events, the platform supports live streaming, pre-recorded simulated live sessions, on-demand viewing and more for your content. Flexibility, customization and an intuitive attendee experience add up to event success.

Seamless viewing experience

On top of that, we offer a seamless viewing experience. Your attendees don’t have to worry about constantly switching between rooms/tracks if they've found one they like. They can remain in the room and the next session will automatically start for them. You can use the space in between sessions and during breaks wisely for advertising or extra tips. With our unique playlist system, you have the ability to include promotional messages and commercials before, between, and after your main content. This gives incredible added value for your sponsors, exhibitors, and your attendees.

Best way to communicate

We believe that video is the best way to communicate online and we have the tools to facilitate a more engaging online event for you. With our unique playlist system, you present your content to your audience just like TV. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for stimulating, high-value content. If you can get it into a video file, you can have it in your event! We’ll even help you do it. Attendees can video chat using familiar tools, chat with each other, the speaker and exhibitors, take in sessions, review exhibitors and their offerings, and so much more.