Developing Web Applications with SPA

The world of web development is advancing at an accelerating pace, and at our disposal are a plethora of technologies, strategies and standards to address this. However, they too are advancing at a rapid rate. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.  How do we divide and conquer in order to be productive? One approach that is gaining traction is SPA (Single Page Application) and it presents a very different way to look at web application development. In this talk, Mitch Harpur will dig down to better grasp the substituent logical pieces of a SPA application and how you can effectively use this approach to develop a very capable web application. He will build a SPA application from scratch, so that you can get a tactile feel of how it’s done and how you can apply the principles advocated.
In addition, Dave Mendlen will show you how DXTREME tools deliver an innovative solution for developers who want to create stunning, unified digital experiences across platforms and devices. He will walk you through a SPA that was created with some of the latest technology from DevExpress and show you how the tools are used to create modern application experiences.
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Developing Web Applications with SPA
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    Mitch Harpur

    As an Electrical Engineer, Mitch Harpur started his career doing military control system software and simulators for the South African Defense Force. This work led him to the world of distributed system software on several platforms, and became immersed, for good or for worse, in the several different approaches and technologies that were gaining traction in the mid to late 90’s. At that time CORBA was in its infancy, Java was about to be the new kid on the block, C++ was for “real programmers”, VB was at version 3 using vbx’s and the venerable Borland Turbo C++ was still in widespread use. C, you see, remained for gray beards or those so inclined, and one might say that COM was OLE by Brockschmidt while UML was still being “unified” by Booch, Jacobsen and Rumbaugh. From this strange mix emerged an interest and passion for excellence on the Microsoft stack of technologies.

    Dave Mendlen

    Dave Mendlen is the Chief Marketing Officer at DevExpress.  Prior to joining DevExpress Dave was the Senior Director of Developer Marketing where we was responsible for the $1B developer business at Microsoft. In that role, he managed a team of product planners and marketers that spanned enterprise Application Lifecycle Management tools to tools for professional developers as well as the Microsoft Expression tools for creative professionals.

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