Build It with .NET: Tools and Techniques for Productivity

You’ve created, tested and deployed your first .NET application that works with the IBM i, and you have put it into production. Now what? How will you continue to develop your next .NET application, and those that follow?
One technique that probably won’t work very well is to simply copy, paste and change the first application. That’s because you’ll not only need to make changes for the application itself, but you’ll also want to incorporate some of the new features that you learned about when developing the first application, but didn’t have time to put into it. If you continue to develop .NET applications like this, it won’t be long before you have a new mass of applications that you’ll need to maintain, all of which are quite different from each other.
Rather than continue digging a deeper hole, you might want to step back and consider some of the productivity tools that are available. For example, you don’t need to try to come up with your own solutions to commonly encountered programming, architecture and deployment issues: you can make use of the widely used Microsoft Patterns and Practices for .NET development. Also, instead of hand-coding all of the application, or laboriously copying and pasting code, you can look into code generation techniques to radically accelerate your programming efforts.
In this webcast, sponsored by Surround Technologies, Craig Pelkie presents an overview of some of the challenges that you’ll face as you continue to develop .NET applications for use with your IBM i. For each challenge, Craig describes several alternatives that you’ll want to consider, and present some of the tradeoff’s that you’ll run into.

Join us for this fast-paced look at some of the issues that you’ll confront when you build it with .NET.

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Build It with .NET: Tools and Techniques for Productivity
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    Craig Pelkie

    Craig Pelkie is a technical editor for iPro Developerand has worked as a programmer with IBM midrange computers for many years. He also has written and lectured extensively on IBM i technologies, including client/server programming, Client Access, Java, WebSphere, .NET applications for IBM i, and web development.

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