SQL Server Disaster Recovery and Prevention

Despite increasing trends towards the use of SQL Server High Availability (HA) solutions to pro-actively mitigate down-time, HA solutions simply can't protect against all forms of disaster - especially database corruption. DBAs therefore need to utilize a defense-in-depth approach that properly emphasizes regularly scheduled and tested backups along with the need to regularly check for and know how to properly address problems stemming from data corruption.

In this free, hour-long Web seminar, independent SQL Server expert Michael K. Campbell will talk about best practices for using BACKUP, RESTORE, and DBCC commands to keep your organization's data protected in the event of disaster. You'll also learn how to confidently implement regular backups and address problems with database corruption in emergency scenarios - while gaining practical insight into how to mitigate down-time and decrease data loss.

You will learn the underlying technology and use of how disaster prevention tools can work better for your business. Restoration tools enable users to mount backups as live databases, get access to database backups with read and write options as well as allowing for large space savings and faster backup access.

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SQL Server Disaster Recovery and Prevention
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    Michael K. Campbell

    Michael K Campbell is a contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine and a consultant with years of SQL Server DBA and developer experience. He enjoys consulting, development, and creating free videos for www.sqlservervideos.com.

    Jeffrey Aven

    Jeffrey Aven is a product manager for Red Gate Software. Prior to Red Gate, Jeffrey was a co-founder and architect for HyperBac Technologies and a co-founder of DBAssociates/Imceda (original developers of LiteSpeed backup software). Jeffrey has an extensive background in SQL Server administration and development and compression technologies. Jeffrey has been an MSCE and MCDBA since 1998.

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