Maximizing PowerVM With An Enterprise Scheduler

Are you using virtualization to get the maximum efficiency and cost savings from your AIX systems? Are you writing job schedule scripts to handle dependencies, date variables, and job conditions? Do you need to log in to your systems in the evenings or weekends to monitor your job flows? Do you use CRON to schedule across your virtual partitions?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, join us for a quick introduction to IBM PowerVM editions for AIX and Skybot Scheduler, the enterprise job scheduler for AIX, Linux, and Windows.

PowerVM is a virtualization solution offered in three editions: Express, Standard, and Enterprise. During this introduction, we’ll overview the key benefits of each:

  • Express - For users looking for an introduction to advanced virtualization features at a highly affordable price.
  • Standard - Complete virtualization for AIX®, IBM i, and Linux® operating systems to maximize efficiency and resource usage.
  • Enterprise – This edition adds Active Memory Sharing (memory moves between partitions to match changing workload) and Live Partition Mobility (move active partitions across servers without application downtime), for increased efficiency and availability.

Skybot Scheduler is a fast, easy-to-use, enterprise job scheduler, complete with SMTP and SNMP interfaces for sending status notifications. Skybot Scheduler works hand-in-hand with your PowerVM environment to automate file and memory sharing, resource monitoring and movement, and cross-system processes.

We’ll show you how easy it is to set up dependent jobs and events across your virtual systems to create event-dependent job streams that span partitions. With Skybot Scheduler, you don’t need extra scripts or programming to schedule and monitor your virtualized systems. You can:

  • Create file-event monitors that check for new file arrivals, trigger processes, restart failed processes, and notify you automatically
  • Manage your schedule using dynamic job flow diagrams
  • Audit database changes automatically
  • Use role-based security for regulatory compliance
  • Be notified anytime you’re in danger of missing a Service Level Agreement


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Maximizing PowerVM With An Enterprise Scheduler
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    Ian Robinson

    Ian Robinson is the Power Systems Virtualization Offering Manager for IBM, responsible for PowerVM Editions and the VMControl virtualization management software. He joined IBM in 2008 with the acquisition of Transitive Corporation, where he was VP of Marketing. Prior to that, he worked at VMware as Director of Product Marketing.

    Pat Cameron

    Pat Cameron is Director of Automation Technology at Skybot Software. She has more than 25 years of experience with IBM products, from the System/38 to today’s Power Systems. Her background includes implementation planning, operations, and management. Pat teaches online classes and also travels to customer sites to provide software training and system implementation services.

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