Testimonials and Feedback for vConferenceOnline.com

Tim Hemingway

I wanted to thank both you and your team for the incredible work vConference did to make our Client Summit a huge success!  We are (as we have always been) extremely happy with the level of attention and care we have received from your operation.  I know we threw you a few “curve balls” this time around which probably made things a bit more difficult on your end and we appreciate how professionally these things were handled.

Tim Hemingway

Marketing Director

Kristen Mathews

Not only does vConferenceOnline provide an incredible attendee experience, they make it super easy to organize and sequence video content. In short, they offer what they call a “playlist system” that allows users to plan out and queue up video presentations in pretty much any way they’d like.


From an Exhibitor

It was great to be able to have so many different types of things in our exhibit – we had handouts, videos, the chat with
prospects that had questions. It worked really well.

Exhibitor Feedback

It was nice to have someone helping us set things up and know about things we needed to do, how to do them. Thank you
for all of your help and for suggestions all along the way.

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