Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Attend Live

Other than excitement over being back in person, the current buzz in the event community is all around hybrid events. After all, they provide the best of both worlds! They offer all of the benefits of in-person with the ability to network and interact with other attendees face-to-face. 

They also offer all of the benefits of virtual with the flexibility of content and allowing your attendees to participate in your event how they want, when they want. 

Hybrid events can come with increased cost, especially when holding one event with two distinct experiences while still driving hybrid equity. It would be best if you looked to lower costs for your hybrid events as much as possible. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Attend Live feature! 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Attend Live feature, you can: 

  • Lower your printing costs dramatically, if not remove them altogether. By providing access to all slides, transcripts, and handouts in your virtual session room, you no longer need to have piles of papers for your attendees in the back of the room. It also allows you to consistently provide the most up-to-date version of the documents to both your in-person and virtual attendees. 
  • Shutting off the video feed for your in-person attendees will use less bandwidth in your in-person venue. This will also allow you to stream a higher quality out to your virtual attendees, meaning a better experience for all of your attendees! 
  • Eliminate distractions by using an in-person ticket type. This will automatically turn on attend live for all in-person attendees, allowing them to focus exclusively on the presentation in their room. This will enable them to get the most value out of the lecture possible while ensuring they have access to all the necessary handouts. 

By taking advantage of the attend live feature in your next hybrid event, you will be able to provide the exact content and downloads to your in-person and virtual attendees while giving them different experiences of your event. 

We understand that the bottom line is being watched more closely than ever before, so this feature will also help to lower your costs on your next hybrid event. Even so, your budget is tighter than ever, a significant portion of your team may have been recently let go, and you are expected to do more work with fewer resources. 

With hiring freezes and layoffs across industries, a complicated or unsupported platform can present you with an insurmountable barrier to hosting your next virtual conference or event. With our offer for a free Done For You event, vConferenceOnline will take over the build of your virtual event, allowing you more time to increase your marketing efforts, leading to greater sponsor revenues and ticket purchases! 

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