Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Custom Lobbies

Attendees often look forward to attending your in-person events due to the location. Orlando, Las Vegas, Aruba, Jamaica…

Destination events are a great way to incentivize someone to attend your event and visit your sponsor booths. Not only do they drive revenue to your event, but they can also drive additional revenue to the city around your event. This can cause a great relationship that will potentially allow you to receive better rates and service and potentially solidify your reputation. 

When companies were forced to switch to virtual conferences, many were underwhelmed by the lack of variety in the conference look and feel. Many virtual event platforms didn’t even look like an event – they looked like a bland, basic webpage with too many options and insufficient support! On top of that, there was no ability to make the event feel like a destination.

You want your virtual event to feel as much a part of your organization’s event ecosystem as your in-person event. That doesn’t happen without the ability to customize it at your will. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Custom Lobbies! 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Custom Lobbies, you can: 

  • Custom design your conference lobby to the exact specifications that you would like! Everything is customizable, down to the formatting, links, images, CSS, and more. All we need is the HTML file, and we’ll be able to install your custom lobby in no time! 
  • Feature key information for your event upfront. Your conference lobby is the first thing attendees see, so having important information is critical. The best custom lobbies we’ve seen included custom welcome videos and countdowns to keynote sessions to ensure attendees were prepared and excited for the conference! 
  • Spotlight your top sponsors and bring them front and center. Your sponsors want more traffic driven to them to increase their leads and sales. What better way to drive that traffic than to maximize the placement of their logos and information? This can even help you drive more profit from your event with sponsorship packages

By taking advantage of vConferenceOnline’s custom lobbies, you can replicate the feeling of your in-person event while spotlighting top sponsors and bringing essential information to the forefront. 

While you are focusing on integrating your virtual conference into your overall event strategy to provide the most flexibility and options for your attendees, you must consider options that fit well within your budget. You don’t want to drive revenue towards an event for it not to be profitable! 

We are committed to providing companies with top-tier virtual event options at a fraction of the budget. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier for small to mid-sized businesses that prevent them from enjoying all the benefits of virtual events! We’ve lowered our costs by using information on how vConferenceOnline has been used over the past 15 years and evolving needs. We are even committing to performing a monthly review to adjust pricing to provide you with the best possible pricing! 

You can now get unlimited events on the vConferenceOnline platform for little more than many organizations pay for an internal communication tool like Slack. This includes all the features you are looking for in your virtual platform, along with the flexibility to use the tools you want, when you want! Combine that with our specialization in providing Fully Managed services, and you are one step closer to hosting intuitive, easy-to-host, and profitable virtual events! 

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