Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Exhibit Booths

Events are often viewed as a source of revenue for your company, and sponsors are one of the most significant parts of your in-person events that drive revenue. Packed exhibit halls filled with sponsor booths, poster presentations, and vendor stands have long been associated with events. 

Attendees come to see them and look for the newest products and updates. 

Companies look to gain some ground from their competitors and generate qualified leads. 

Your organization looks to increase event revenue using sponsorship packages. 

It was a sound system. Then everything changed when you had to switch to hosting exclusively virtual events. 

Your platform said they supported exhibit booths, and almost all platforms in 2020 mentioned that as a critical feature. But once you were locked into a contract, you realized that the ‘booth’ was a webpage with a single image and the ability to have that click to an external link. 

Your sponsors were upset and unimpressed by the offerings of most of the virtual conference platforms. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Exhibit Booths. 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Exhibit Booths, you can: 

  • Provide your sponsors the ability to have booths that provide substantial amounts of information to your attendees in a logically organized fashion. This will make it far more likely that the attendees will stay in the booths, leading to better conversions for your sponsors! 
  • Provide in-depth reporting on attendees who visited the booth and their interactions within the booth. More information on the attendees who came into the booth will help your sponsors to determine who should be marked as a qualified lead and allow them to follow up accordingly. 

By taking advantage of these unique exhibit booths in your next virtual event, you will be able to continue driving the revenue for your event that is generated through sponsorship packages. There are countless ways to provide excellent value to your sponsors; the only limit is your ingenuity! 

While providing more value to your sponsors using our exhibit booths may help drive revenue for your organization, we understand that the bottom line is being watched more closely than ever before. Your budget is tighter than ever, a significant portion of your team may have been recently let go, and you are expected to do more work with fewer resources. 

With hiring freezes and layoffs across industries, a complicated or unsupported platform can present you with an insurmountable barrier to hosting your next virtual conference or event. With our offer for a free Done For You event, vConferenceOnline will take over the build of your virtual event, allowing you more time to increase your marketing efforts, leading to more significant sponsor revenues and ticket purchases! 

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