High Quality HD Video Feeds

We believe that video is the way to reach the masses. We want to give you the tools to facilitate a more engaging online event. With our unique playlist system, you play your event out to your audience, much like TV! This opens up all kinds of possibilities for stimulating, high-value content. If you can get it into a video file, you can have it in your event! We’ll even help you do it with tools and advice.

Do you watch TV? If you answered yes, you already know why high-quality video is important. That’s how we approach online presentations. Your audience needs to be engaged and interested in your event’s sessions. HD Video is the backbone of the entire vConferenceOnline platform. Every event, no matter how small or large, features a high quality, HD video player for presenting the session.

A large software company needed a way to show off their product in a high-resolution setting. The product had important details that were too small to be seen clearly on other online event providers they had tried before. vConferenceOnline was able to offer them a High Definition session player that clearly displayed all the important details of their product’s user interface, all the while making the session available to a wide variety of viewers in varied connection speed capacities. By switching over to vConferenceOnline, their webcasts resulted in increased qualified leads for their product.

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