Live, Pre-Recorded, On-Demand, Simulated Live Sessions

With the vConferenceOnline platform, you have options. One such option is the way your event plays out to the public. You can choose to pre-record all of your event’s materials and build a “Pseudo-Live” or “Simulated-Live” event where dates and times are scheduled and the public views them on a scheduled playback basis. Live-streaming your event is also an option and you can mix the approaches from session-to-session.

There are big benefits of pre-recorded sessions that playback as live – in fact, it’s likely that sessions don’t have to be live to be an interactive and engaging event for your attendees. The interaction, live chat and polling is live, but the content the attendees are watching can be played out from pre-recorded files. This is mainly because when sessions are live, things that may be out of your control can go wrong. That can impact your reputation as well as the attendee experience. Plus, you have so many more options at your disposal for making your content more compelling when you can use tools that would never work in a live session environment.

The important thing is that you have options.  Live sessions, simulated live, on-demand and any mix of these is all part of the platform and standard feature set.

A large societal group for technical engineers had decided to try an online event to gather their members and expand the in-person experience. They had over 20 presenters scattered over the globe, and not all of them had the availability to be there on the online event date. We gave them a feature-rich recording tool that allowed all of their presenters to record their presentations at their convenience and turn them in to the organizer before the event. An added bonus was that the presenters could attend their own sessions and chat with attendees live, while their presentation was rolling. That’s maximizing face time!

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