Important Information about Live Streaming

Live streaming introduces inherent risks, challenges, and issues both in and out of the control of and Bits on the Wire.  While we understand that live streaming is appealing in some cases, it’s critical to understand the processes, risks, and challenges associated with live streaming. 

By signature below, Customer assumes all responsibility for signal acquisition, conveyance of video streams, and understands that, while an interesting option for having in your virtual event, it is the recommendation of and Bits on the Wire that sessions be pre-recorded and presented, and that they can be done so in a manner identical to live streaming, but that removes many risks.

Risks (partial list, examples only)

Customer acknowledges and understands that there are many risks involved with live streaming, including, but not limited to:

  • Bandwidth at the speaker location, or between the speaker and the receiving systems at vConferenceOnline
  • Cameras used in the capture of the video
  • Starting, stopping, and managing the video stream in a timely manner
  • Security protocols, which may be different at the speaker, and attendee portions of the streaming process.  These may vary system-by-system and include blocking signal, slowing signal, or other factors
  • Outages of the selected tool to be used for capture
  • Personnel (late speaker, unavailable speaker, poor configuration for presenting, etc.)
  • “Glitches” – a speaker tests on one system, presents on another, and experiences issues with their configuration
  • Poor streaming quality due to software, hardware, other applications, configurations, other tools in use for capture and conveyance of the signal


Customer is responsible for all video capture processes, software, tools, hardware, personnel, bandwidth, encoding and otherwise gathering the video feed to be connected to vConferenceOnline.  

This includes starting the stream, working through any issues that arise, and understanding the tools and challenges of the various tools available to capture this video stream. is responsible for providing an RTMP endpoint to push the signal to.  We will do our best to encode that signal, convey it to the audience at large, and will work to support Customer in their use of the platform.  We will provide brief rehearsal sessions for live streaming (up to 10 minutes per hour of live streaming).  We are not responsible for those elements before the receipt of signal, including the tools and techniques used to capture the signal nor the environments in which the speaker is producing the content.  We stream live content at our standard bit rates and reserve the right to manage those bitrates as appropriate for the audience and in accordance with our established best practices.


You can download our disclaimer HERE.

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