We make medical event organizers lives easier.

We have over 14 years of experience in the virtual and hybrid event space. We help you to move your event strategy forward by helping you host engaging, easy-to-host virtual or hybrid events that provide you with revenue opportunities and allow you to provide continuing education and industry best-practices to your attendees. 

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Continuing Education

We provide tracking for attendees’ time in sessions and automatic grading for quizzes. This allows the attendee to download their own custom certificate. Alternatively, we can provide the information to you, in your reporting so that you can track that inside of your own database system. In many cases, we are able to handle the reporting of certificates to the proper certifying agency.

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There are several ways to boost engagement with your attendees. A chat room will allow attendees to send messages either privately or in a group, sparking conversations and questions. Within that chat room, there are also options to create a social profile, a space to link to all your social media, or a video chat on demand. We also offer a feature that creates a conversation hall, where attendees can click and drag “themselves” around to different conversation huddles, allowing a more intimate engaging experience.

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Experienced customer support professionals and a support team are available to provide help, answer questions, and ease stress pre and post-event. In addition, during the live event, we have live chat for attendees to get assistance quickly as they navigate the platform. In the event that there is an emergency that affects the event, we have a red alert option that brings together a full team to solve the emergency quickly so you can go back to your event.

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Our unique platform allows you the flexibility needed for your events. We can help you create a virtual or hybrid event that allows your attendees, speakers, and sponsors to interact when they want to. 

We can also provide you with content flexibility! Live or simulive webinar style sessions, continuing education courses with auto graded quizzes, or breakout meeting-style sessions are all available so you can deliver the content the way you want. 

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Done For You or Fully Managed features:
Recurring status meetings with team
Priority Support
Exhibitor / Sponsors / Poster Presenters support webinars
Speaker support webinars
Managed Imports - we do it for you!
Development discount
Build of event platform - schedule set up, management, data entry, and uploading of customizations
Speaker Management - post-contract to the event
Exhibitor Management - post-contract to the event
Production coaching and dress rehearsal
Done With You or Amazing Service features:
Microsite or Registration Page
25 Session Hours per month
750 Registrations per month
Unlimited booths per event
Support and Event Success Team
Experienced Customer Success Professional

Back in 2007, we were hosting webinars for a database administrators website. During a 1 hour webinar, the platform we were using had issues and the entire webinar went down. We called the support line and were told we would receive help in 4 hours or less. 


That wasn’t going to work for our webinar. 


That was the genesis of vConferenceOnline. Since then we’ve worked with over a thousand brands and have hosted thousands and thousands of events. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the medical field to help with continuing education, annual conferences, webinars, and thought leadership.