Interactive Ways to Teach Breastfeeding

Speaker: Elizabeth Smith, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC



Continuing Education Units
One (1) ICEA Contact Hour, One (1) R-CERP

At the end of this session, the learner will be able to:

  1. Have an understanding of breastfeeding as the biological norm
  2. List 2-3 reasons why the “Golden Hour” is so critical for breastfeeding success
  3. Recreate 2-3 fun ways to teach breastfeeding and lactation

About the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) is a professional organization that supports educators and health care professionals who believe in freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives in family-centered maternity and newborn care.


Interactive Ways to Teach Breastfeeding

Elizabeth Smith, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC

This session will enhance your skills and provide you with ideas to teach breastfeeding to clients,  in classes, or to other professionals. Breastfeeding is an important component that is sometimes forgotten when we teach about birth.

Baby Friendly, local breastfeeding initiatives, and the Healthy People 2020 goals all support the need for breastfeeding education. This session will help you with continuum from birth to breast with some creativity and fun.


Elizabeth Smith, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC

Elizabeth Smith holds a masters degree in public health with an emphasis in maternal child health. She began working at the University Hospital in 2000 as an educator and quickly moved into the management position for the Department of Perinatal Education. In 2003 she was asked to be on the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Steering Committee where she worked with a team to get University Hospital designated as the first Baby Friendly Hospital in Utah. She was asked to take the lead for Baby Friendly when the previous coordinator changed jobs. Since then, she has worked to maintain that designation.

Elizabeth is a certified childbirth educator and a board certified lactation consultant. In addition to her duties at the hospital, she sits on numerous committees including the March of Dimes Advisory Board, Perinatal Bereavement Committee, Perinatal Professionals Conference, and the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition. She is a board member for International Childbirth Education Association, Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank, and the Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.

She has been married for 26 years and has three children ages 24, 21 and 12. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, swimming, cross country skiing, and reading.

Interactive Ways to Teach Breastfeeding

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