Giorgia Cozza

Giorgia Cozza, Italian journalist has worked for years with various magazines and specialized websites dealing with pregnancy, nursing, psychology, health of mother and child. She's the author of more than twenty essays for future and new parents (including Bebè a costo zero, Benvenuto fratellino Benvenuta sorellina, Tutte le mamme hanno il latte... tranne me! Allattamento al seno) that have become a reference point for many families in Italy and abroad (in several European countries and in China). She writes children's fairy tales too. La Leche League Italy commissioned her to write the book Allattare e lavorare si può! which offers practical solutions for solving immediate difficulties and helps women to arrange their family and work commitments more effectively. Mother of four children, thanks to them she has had the opportunity and joy of experiencing the topics covered in her books.