Jill Bergman, B.A. HDE

Jill Bergman has supported her husband Dr. Nils Bergman in Kangaroo Mother Care since he started the concept in 1988, and in a full-time capacity since 2000. She has used her degree and teacher's diploma to make four films and has written a book- Hold Your Prem- for parents of premature babies, all making the neuroscience that Nils teaches applicable in practice and translating care into non-technical language. Jill has a passion for supporting mothers in labor as a doula and, as a kangaroula, advocating for the needs of newborns, empowering mums and babies with early bonding and breastfeeding. She trains nursing staff and hospitals in the practicalities of skin-to-skin contact and developmental care. Jill has spoken internationally since 2012. She is currently involved in a WHO study training staff and parents in skin-to-skin contact for preterms. She and Nils have three super youngsters, all now married.