Lourdes Santaballa, BA, MS, IBCLC

Lourdes Santaballa is a community activist and organizer, having previously worked in the domestic violence, affordable housing, and economic equity movements and now dedicated to equity and outreach in birth and lactation. A La Leche League leader since 2008, she co-founded La Leche League Puerto Rico in 2011 and has participated in the Global Leader Council as well acted as District Advisor to her area and her chapter treasurer and facilitates two support groups monthly. She is a single parent to two children whom she nursed in tandem until the ages of 8 and 6 respectively and is active in online help communities both locally in Puerto Rico and globally. Lourdes has received various awards and recognitions for her achievements in the lactation field, is an IBCLC and doula, and is currently studying her Master’s degree in Clinical Integrative Nutrition.