Evelin Kirkilionis

Evelin Kirkilionis studied biology at the universities of Kaiserslautern and Freiburg. With her doctoral-thesis specialization on behavioural biology. Co-founder of the independent Research Group Human Ethology (FVM – Forschungsgruppe Verhaltensbiologie des Menschen). For 1990 regularly longer-term stays in various countries of North Africa, Central and South East Asia.

The main focus of her scientific interest is on the child’s development in early childhood, particularly on the parent-child relationship in the first years of life and a childcare aimed at the child’s need. In this child-oriented care she integrated the concept of clinging young with its phylogenetic components.

An important aspects of her work is the transfer of scientific findings into practice for various professional groups and institutions or other interested audiences. She is giving lectures and further educations courses on midwife and teachers' associations, paediatricians, psychotherapists, parents' associations, employees of advice centres for families and child guidance. Author of books and professional articles.