Ibone Olza, MD, PhD

I am an MD and mother of three who has experienced the joy of extended breastfeeding. As a researcher, I have investigated the effects of intrapartum synthetic oxytocin use, the neuroendocrinology and psychology of childbirth, PTSD and obstetric violence. As an activist I belong since 1996 to Via Lactea, Spain´s oldest breastfeeding support group, and I cofounded the forum “Apoyocesareas” (2001) and “Childbirth is ours” (2003), a consumer group that promotes respectful evidence-based obstetric care in Spain. I am passionate about helping parents and specially women enjoy motherhood, attach healthily to their infants and enjoy breastfeeding for as long as they want. As a perinatal psychiatrist, I work in a non-medicalized way using evidence-based approaches, with a holistic framework integrating Attachment Theory and Ecotherapy principles. I offer breastfeeding support for mothers suffering from mental disorders. I have developed an extensive Perinatal Mental Training program online in Spanish: http://saludmentalperinatal.es/