Kajsa Brimdyr, PhD, CLC

Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr is an experienced ethnographer, researcher and international expert in the implementation of continuous, uninterrupted skin to skin in the first hour after birth. She is the Lead Ethnographic Researcher for Healthy Children Project, Inc., a non-profit, NGO agency as well as a Professor in Maternal Child Health at Union Institute and University. She is a published author and the award-winning director of The Magical Hour: Holding Your Baby for the First Hour After Birth, produced with Ann-Marie Widström and Kristin Svensson. Together the three also created and produced the groundbreaking DVD Skin to Skin in the First Hour after Birth: Practical Advice for Staff after Vaginal and Cesarean Birth. Her current research involves using video ethnography to change practice in hospital settings to improve continuous skin-to-skin for the first hour after cesarean and vaginal births, and the implications of labor medications on this vulnerable time.