Richard Allegra

Richard works at the National Center for College Students with Disabilities in the area of Education and Outreach. He creates content for the NCCSD Clearinghouse, main site and Training Center and offer assistance to students, parents, college faculty and other staff, and many others via phone, email and social media.
A native of San Francisco, Richard has a long history working alongside disability leaders and organizations, and helped start programs for Deaf refugees and immigrants. He had the honor of meeting with Ed Roberts in establishing this work. He’s been a Disability Resources Manager since 1989 and saw the advent of the ADA while at the University of Minnesota. He’s worked on campus accessibility for all students, and has specific experience working with Deaf students and Blind or Vision Impaired students. From 2003 to 2015 he oversaw professional development activities for members of AHEAD and other Disability Resources & Services professionals.


What You Can Do When Disability Problems Come Up on Campus