Traci King

Traci King is the Lead Guidance Coordinator with Sage Oak Charter School. Traci holds her multiple subject credential and is also certified in math, history, science, and English for secondary students. In addition, Traci has her College Council Certification from UC San Diego and has helped many homeschooling families plan for life after high school; from where to take the PSAT/SAT and ACT to test-optional colleges and career exploration guidance. Flexibility and personalized schooling do not have to end after 8th grade. For instance, homeschooled high school students have more opportunities to accept internships, job shadowing and community college courses due to their flexibility. Also, many high school students chose to continue with their current co-op and partner with other homeschooling groups to create their own Student Council, yearbook, virtual clubs, Proms, and graduation. If Homeschooling is working for you, don’t stop after elementary school! We will share many resources to help support you in homeschooling through high school.


The Benefits of a Homeschool/ Charter School partnership