Event and Pricing Models

Your chosen event model will determine pricing options, ranging from
annual unlimited events to single mini-events.  

We believe virtual events should be a point of leverage for your projects.  Without breaking the bank, it’s critical that you are able to present your message, interact with your audience and provide information, content, ideas and opportunities to your audience. 

To that end, we’ve created a platform to suit, and have package and pricing options to support this goal.


Multiple Virtual Conference/Trade Show Events
This option provides you with multiple shows, a hefty number of sessions and unlimited tracks in the shows, large numbers of booths, project management, analytics, all session options, and up to 3,000 attendees.  It’s “the works” – and you can have multiple shows (up to 6!) over the course of the year.

Single Event Option
This option has the features of the annual package, but for a single show.  

Single Mini-Event
This option allows you to have a single event, with 3 sessions and 5 booths, while still keeping the support options, 3,000 attendees and more. 

Unlimited Webinars
This annual package provides you with unlimited webinars – each with up to 2 hours of sessions and 3 booths (yes, booths even with a webinar) and up to 3,000 attendees.  It’s an economical way to take webinars to the next level for your audience.

Getting Started
It’s easy to find out more, and learn about how which options fit your budget and project goals.  With one of the most economical, but also the most feature-rich platforms around, we can’t wait to talk about your objectives.  

All appointments are pressure-free!

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