Every organization needs to communicate its message to its audience. This could be through a short one-hour webcast, a series of online training sessions, or individual corporate meetings. The vConferenceOnline.com platform allows you to be in control. You choose which type of event works best for your audience. Then vConferenceOnline.com provides you the tools to easily create, produce and host the entire online event.

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Webcasts, or webinars, are presentations to communicate your message, make broad announcements to employees, customers, or partners. These are also a great tool for teaching single topics. Typically, webcasts and webinars are one or two session events.

Broadcast your product launch, training, or support sessions for internal or external stakeholders. Training can be sales-oriented, how-to-oriented, or even different sessions devoted to different aspects of your product or service. You may also want to consider ongoing refresher training for your teams. These are typically several session events focused on a particular product or offer.

Meetings let you present a consistent message and interact with customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. Avoid travel complications and maximize your effective time working with your team, while using tools that let you provide an excellent, professional and customizable presentation.