Q&A Options

Interaction is key at any event.  Your attendees will learn both from the presenter and from each other, and making the opportunity to learn easily available is extremely important.

With vConferenceOnline, there are many opportunities to interact with attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Session Chat
The session chat provides live interaction between attendees who can post questions, answer other’s questions and see information from speakers and others in the session room.  This high-capacity chat provides for a great tool to clarify points in the presentation, share experiences related to the presentation and share community knowledge about the topic at hand.

Chat Lounge
The chat lounge gives a gathering place for attendees, speakers, vendors and show organizers.  You can establish any number of chat rooms – be they Speaker “office hours” or topic-related or both.  You determine the room direction, naming and content target.  In addition, attendees can create their own rooms, offering the opportunity for them to add to the flow of information within the event community.

Exhibitor Booths
These chat rooms allow for real-time discussions between attendees and those working the exhibit hall booths.  Attendees can get clarification, confirm details about product and service offerings and ask questions about in-booth presentations.

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