It is key that your platform is working correctly for you and for all that you want to attend and experience your event. Your event drives your brand and your reputation, and you deserve no less. It is critical to your brand, your message, your business, your reputation, and your community that the platform you choose has a proven track record of being reliable, can scale to meet your audience demands, and is a platform that you can trust. was built to be each of these – reliable, scalable and trustworthy.

Reliable, by Design
Reliability means having systems that are both human- and self-monitored.  Systems that heal themselves if an issue arises and solutions in place that allow for making sure the event stays online, available and performing with the right tools, urgency and attention if there are any issues. was built to automatically recover from any issues, without impacting the user experience.  While hardware issues may happen with any servers, the systems are designed to monitor all operations automatically and replace any problem hardware pieces the instant they’re recognized.  All of this is done while insulating the users, your attendees, from any problem.  It happens quickly, automatically, and without hesitation and intervention.  Your users just see a smoothly flowing event – and that’s the way it should be.

Scalable, by Design is built on a foundation that supports automatic scaling to meet any level of demand.  From attendees to sessions, the systems are constantly monitored, both with automated routines and human-based monitors.  Each of these have automatic scaling built-in and allow for scaling in anticipation of larger crowds.  There is no size of event too big or small for the platform, and we’ve proven capacity capabilities both in testing and in real-life events with 10’s of 10’s of 1000’s of people online.

Trustworthy, by Design
Our unique system of providing both transparency and control to the attendee, while maintaining the reporting and options for you as show organizer, garners trust with your attendees.  Attendees are able to withdraw their registration information, but your usage reports remain intact even without their personally identifiable information, all automatically.  In addition, encryption, protective firewalls, access monitoring and more are all in place to protect the information for your events.  Payment information is maintained only at your payment processor (we don’t retain any information on payment transactions) and your compliance with privacy law (for example GDPR) is by design.