Rewards, Gamification, Interaction Tools

A nice way to engage your attendees is to offer incentives to participate. We call these rewards. Whether it’s a drawing, giveaway or contest, getting your viewers to interact and connect with your event helps create a more memorable and impressive event experience.

It can be easy for your attendees to settle in to watching the content and possibly even being distracted by other things happening at their desk that day. To help them experience the most they can get out of your event, rewards offer a give and take that keeps them engaged. Rewards are also great for offering a completion point to your attendees so that they have something to show for their time spent at your event.

Several of our clients use a badge system that displays a graphic next to their name in chats to show how much content they have attended. This directly relates to their perceived skill level among their peers and gives the attendee a sense of accomplishment and pride. Prizes for completing courses or sessions are also quite common.

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