If you are hosting an event that offers more than one session, it can be a challenge to let your attendees know when and where the next session is playing. We’ve built a unique playlist system to offer a seamless experience for your attendees as they move from one session to the next.

Your attendees never have to go hunting for the next session. The vConferenceOnline.com platform allows for seamless playlists. This means that if the attendee is enjoying the room or track they’re currently in, the first session ends and the second session begins all in the same place. This means that you, as the event’s organizer, can arrange for ads, information, or other inserts to be placed between sessions. It will play out in succession… just like TV.

One other interesting note: even if your event is only one session, you can build in opening and closing insert videos to wrap around it. It’s a fantastic way to include additional information for your attendees and offer reach opportunities for your event’s sponsors or other interested parties.

Many of our clients use this feature for letting attendees know what’s coming next. They also use this feature to inform attendees about visiting booths in the event or to offer exhibitor profiles. It’s just another item in the playlist so it can be anything you can put into a video.

Example: Session one plays at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, there is a break from 2:00 pm to 2:10 pm then the second session starts at 2:10 pm. In the 10 minutes between are five different two-minute videos sharing information or advertising products and services relevant to your event. The sky’s the limit! We’ve seen some amazing uses of this space. Don’t waste the face time you have with your attendees – use it to your event’s advantage.