Speaker Tools – Session Capture

vConferenceOnline supports a wide array of capture tools for your speakers.  This can range from using a cell phone camera to capture a session live or on-demand, to using open-source tools for video and audio capture to full audio/visual teams and film crews for your sessions.

We provide the connectivity to plug in nearly any type of video source you’d like to use.  In addition, we provide software, guidance, best practices, practice sessions and sample events if desired.  Your vConferenceOnline Event Coach can work with your speakers to explain exactly how things work, what they can expect for the event and to make suggestions for content and approach.

What’s more, sessions can be pre-recorded and played back as if they were live (some refer to this as “Simulated Live”), live, on-demand and any mix of these throughout your event.  Pre-recorded sessions can be coordinated with live Q&A, or supported with live chat, all automatically.

Speakers and show organizers also have options to provide sessions of any length desired for the event – and can mix and match sessions.  From 5 minute “passion-pitches” to multi-hour complex sessions, the platform supports whatever formats are desired.  You can even use powerful meeting and collaboration tools and broadcast the video feed to your audience, live.

Speaker tools support capture of cameras, desktop displays (for slideshows, demonstrations, media clips and more) and also support complex video capture environments, providing an easy to connect to end-point that will broadcast the video feed to all of your attendees.

  • Software demonstrations
  • Slideshows
  • Video demonstrations
  • Interviews
  • Panel discussions
  • Multiple speaker presentations
  • …and more.

No audience size limitations, ability to have an unlimited number of sessions, simultaneous tracks and more – all of these, plus the support you need for your event, speakers and supporters – included with the platform.

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