Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Conversation Hall

Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Conversation Hall Engagement. Networking. Face-to-face interaction. Breakouts. If you host virtual events, you’ve looked for ways to create the ever-elusive “engagement” for your events. You’ve also asked each of your vendors what they offer in networking. First Looks

Request a Demo Let’s chat – We’ll bring the virtual or hybrid platform and experience with thousands of brands and events. You bring the questions!   Attend Webinar In this webinar series, we’ll go through the platform, different events that people

The Model

The Model The team is here to help. We are here to let you focus entirely on your event content, sponsorship, and attendance. Let us worry about the pieces – we’ll make sure your event comes off

Case study – Technology Membership Site

Case Study: Technology Membership Site The Event An information technology company was looking to host an event to reach both their current site members and potential future members. They wanted to use this event to bring awareness to their database

Different Event Types for Hosting Online

Different Event Types for Hosting Online Online conferences, Conventions, Tradeshows, and Continuing Education are used throughout the world for all types of industries. Create, produce and host a wide variety of events with options for keynote/plenary sessions, training sessions, presentations,

Webcasts & Webinars

Webcasts & Webinars Webcasts are simple to create, easy to broadcast, and are a great way to spread your message. The platform allows you to easily create, record and broadcast your message. From creating unique registration pages to demographic

Corporate Meetings, Presentations

Every organization has the need to communicate important information and content. will help you do this while saving both time and money. The platform allows you to easily conduct meetings with small and large audiences from the comfort

No Limits – Attendees, Sessions, Exhibitors

The platform supports unlimited attendees, unlimited booths, exhibitors, and sessions.  You can have as many tracks of simultaneous sessions as needed, as many chat rooms as desired. It’s all supported and we’ll work with you to set up the

Industry-Unique Track System

The unique track system built-in to lets you leverage the way people have traditionally attended in-person events into your online event.  You’ll be able to create rooms, or tracks, that will provide a high-level “handle” on the presentations at