Webcasts & Webinars

Webcasts are simple to create, easy to broadcast and are a great way to spread your message. The vConferenceOnline platform allows you to easily create, record and broadcast your message. From creating unique registration pages to demographic questions to full reporting and attendance information for your attendees, this versatile, powerful platform allows you to control your webcasts from conception to completion.

3,000 attendees are included in the base webinar package, as well as 3 booths per event.

Virtual Manager for Events
The vConferenceOnline platform provides many creative options for your online events. The platform offers a complete administrative toolset that allows you to create and control your entire event.

From speakers to sessions to exhibitors and configuration options, you’ll have access to each of these and can update them as you wish. You’re also able to give exhibitors direct access to their booth setup, allowing them to work with their booth materials directly.

Custom Registration Pages
Each online event created with vConferenceOnline has a unique registration page that attendees can access to learn about the event and register.

Support for coupon codes, free and paid events, demographic questions and even import/export from external registration systems is included. In addition, we offer a programming interface that allows you to integrate registration into your own site if desired.

Live, Interactive Chat
With the live chat system, you’ll be able to chat directly with attendees – you can use the text-based or video-based system, all integrated into your event.

Administrative tools include fully-moderated chat, private chats, whispers and more. You can also use emoticons and access full chat logs for exhibitors, sessions or the entire event.

Event Email Blasts
The vConferenceOnline platform comes with a completely integrated email module that allows you to create a complete email campaign, customized to your company, your needs, and your message.

We’ll help you create emails that help your attendees know what to expect and get the most from your online events.

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