Carol Bartle, RN, RM, IBCLC, PGDip Child Advocacy, MHSc

Carol Bartle has a nursing, midwifery and lactation consultant background and she is a member of the La Leche League International Professional Advisory Board/Health Advisory Committee and the Professional Advisory Group for La Leche League New Zealand. Carol has a post- graduate diploma in Child Advocacy and a Masters of Health Sciences from the University of Otago. Her qualitative research thesis explores mothers’ experiences of initiating lactation and establishing breastfeeding in a neonatal intensive care environment. Major interests include ethics, NICU infant feeding issues and mother-baby well-being, infant feeding in emergencies, climate change and health, the International Code, breastfeeding and infant feeding politics, mother-to-mother peer counselling, and mothers and babies in prison. Carol works at Te Puawaitanga ki Otautahi Trust with the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service in Christchurch New Zealand, and as a policy analyst with the New Zealand College of Midwives.