Elizabeth (liz) Anh Thomson

liz is a PhD candidate in Disability Studies, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Their academic research is about disability cultural centers, in higher education in the U.S.- specifically, their creation and how they interact with diversity and inclusion efforts. liz proudly identifies as a dark-skinned, Vietnamese adoptee, bisexual/queer, gender non-conforming, disabled female. They have worked in higher education for over 20 years and previously worked at an LGBTQ and an Asian American cultural center in Chicago. They also have taught Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies. liz is passionate about advocating with marginalized and underrepresented students.
Alt Text for photo: A black/white headshot of liz thomson; liz smiles and has a shaved black head, black glasses and black eyes. They wear a black dress, heather gray lightweight sweater, and a multi-strand beaded black necklace.


What Is a Disability Cultural Center?