Easy To Understand Options

There are several different approaches to setting up your account with vConferenceOnline.com.  

Be sure to Contact Us or Request a Private Demo to find out which packages may suit your requirements most closely.

Your choices will depend on your timing for your event, your event schedules, your support and assistance requirements, and the types of events and features you’ll be using.  

At their core, we offer options in the following areas:

  1. Unlimited virtual events (webinars, full conferences, hybrid events) with a platform subscription.  This option provides outstanding flexibility, cost management, and provides key options, all as part of the monthly, or annual, subscription.
  2. Single event pricing – we offer single event pricing for those times where your focus is on an individual event, but you may want or need custom options, supplemental assistance, or both.  In addition, some companies find this suits their event schedule, or their accounting cycles, more closely.
  3. Resellers – if you’re interested in discussing partnering with vConferenceOnline, please contact us – we have different options available and would welcome the chance to discuss your goals and requirements, and see how they may align with the platform and services offered.

Terms and conditions apply.  We reserve the right to modify or discontinue package offerings at any time.

Generally speaking, features in each package are cumulative; they include the features in the prior level (or enhance them). 

Add-on options for additional session hours, for credit card processing (no commissions!), additional registrations, additional booths or admin seats, etc. are all available.  Inquire when registering or click Request Demo and set up a time to discuss if you would like these included in your package.  

Session hours, registrations are across all events, cumulatively, for a given account.