vConferenceOnline Pricing and Packages

- Easy to understand pricing
- No hidden fees
- Multiple support levels

While each event is unique and requires different features, we have noticed different trends over our 15+ years in the industry helping thousands of event organizers. We’ve taken this experience and paired it with our commitment to offer budget-friendly options to help small businesses have the same event opportunities as multi-national corporations. We promise to always strive to lower our prices, and we perform monthly reviews on how we can continue to lower our prices.

At its core, we offer 3 options for support to help you host events that drive organizational growth, attendee excitement, thought leadership, and virtual event revenue for your organization.

Our Fully Managed program is a complete contract-to-event support solution where you can focus on the important parts of your event that aren’t related to building out your virtual conference space! Stop worrying about inputting data, setting up your schedule, training your speakers and sponsors, and uploading images or videos so that you can focus on marketing your event!

Our Amazing Service Package allows you to build your own events with access to our top notch support teams, knowledge base, and a dedicated team member to meet with in order to leverage our experience to look around corners to help your team avoid potholes in hosting your event!

Our Self Service Package allows you the flexibility to create unlimited events with access to our first-class support teams and knowledge base.

Pricing FAQ's

Do your packages include unlimited events?

Yes, we have packages that include unlimited events, including webinars, mini events, virtual conferences, virtual tradeshows, hybrid events, virtual sales meetings, and more!

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Do you have single-event pricing?

We do support single event pricing. Schedule a demo to learn more about the pricing for single events and we can discuss any further details that may impact your decision.

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Do you support resellers?

Absolutely! We have different options available and welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals and requirements, and see how they may align with the platform and services offered.

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Which option is best for me?

This depends on a number of items, including team size, timing of your event, assets that you have already created, and more. In our conversation, we can discuss this and we will help you determine which option is best for you.

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Are there other factors that impact pricing?

Factors such as timing for your event, your event length, your support and assistance requirements, and the types of events and features you’ll be using may impact pricing.

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Do you charge a commission on any payment processing?

Nope! 100% of the revenue from your event goes to you.

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