Your Look, A Virtual Event Platform Your Attendees and Exhibitors Will Love
Hybrid and Live events, live and pre-recorded presentations, multiple session tracks, free, fremium, and attendee-paid events
Monetize Your Events, Generate Leads (or both)
Free or Freemium events for attendees (mix paid and free content), and set up other monetization options for sponsors and exhibitors
Industry-Unique Customization Options, Support and Features
You select features to enable, we provide the Event Coach and support teams so you know best practices, tips and tricks and have support for your team, attendees and sponsors
Comprehensive Analysis
Minute-by-minute reporting on attendees, exportable data and reports, live, real-time interfaces to many external tools.
Highly Secure, Highly Scalable
Data Security, GDPR compliance, PCI, Privacy Law compliance - all included

Automatically scale to 1000's and 1000's of attendees and have the support team to help along the way

Powerful Virtual Conference Platform
Virtual and Hybrid Events with Full Support for You and Your Attendees

What Makes Us Different

We approach Online Conferences, Virtual and Hybrid events differently – with support for more attendees, more features, more capabilities, solid architecture, event monetization, gamification, and a passionate team to support you – all in a budget-friendly platform… and that’s just the basics.  Our online conference platform gives you the tools to create a compelling and easy-to-use experience for your attendees and stake-holders.

Online conferences are a key component to event strategies, providing options, connections for attendees and community for your virtual conference and online events, all in combination with your off-line events in a seamless, powerful hybrid event environment.  

Learn more about just a few of the core features of our online event platform, and the keys to successful online events that are all included.

The virtual event platform provides for online, and hybrid online and virtual conferences, using tools that will help your attendees have a great experience, learn from your content, interact with your exhibitors and connect with other attendees.  It’s critical that your virtual conference software deliver on an experience that attendees can make the most use of, that makes sense to them for navigation and that is fully supported from the attendee to the event organizer, with best practices, ideas and the experience to make it all a reality.

Your online conference will help build trust, community, connections and education for your attendees, your stakeholders and those that rely on interaction with others in your industry.  The virtual conference platform you work with makes a huge difference in how these key participants can get the most advantage from your event.  The virtual conference platform must be secure, easy to use, make sense in the eyes of the attendees and participants, and should offer you options for monetization, reporting and more.

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