Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Deep Links

Read to the end, and I’ll tell you how you can get a free Fully Managed event with vConferenceOnline. 

One of the greatest challenges in events is getting attendees to be where you want them to be. When you are hosting your in-person event, you often are looking for a loudspeaker to be able to announce important sessions or to help drive specials for your top sponsors. Even with the announcements, it can be difficult to get your members to show up.

Many virtual event platforms don’t have similar options to send your attendees to booths or to remind them of major keynote sessions. Or, if the platform does have one of these options, they are limited to the inside of the platform as a notification popup, which almost all attendees tend to ignore or disallow. 

You’ve tried gamification, but it’s confusing to set up on some platforms and your attendees forget about it. You’ve tried sending a schedule out early, but it gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life and your attendees can’t find it. You’ve even tried offering the ability to add reminders to your attendees’ calendars, but they lose the link to log into the platform or they are double-booked with work. Nothing has moved the needle. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Deep Links. 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Deep Links, you can: 

  • Provide a link that allows your attendee to log in and be taken directly to your top sponsors. This will allow you to drive more traffic to your sponsors and they can use this across social media to send people directly to their booths for engagement and any specials they are running. 
  • Provide a link that allows your attendees to log in and be taken directly to any specific section of your event, including individual session rooms. This will allow you to feature your Conversation Hall, Exhibition Lobbies, or sponsored rooms in any pre-event and during event communications. 
  • Provide a link that allows your attendees to log in and be taken directly to a specific session in On Demand. This allows you to continue marketing your event even after the initial live time is complete to continue driving revenue for your organization with On-Demand specific ticket types. 

Our deep links offer a new tool that you can feature in your sponsorship packages and will help you to drive even more revenue for your virtual event. Click below to learn more about how you can use these deep links to be able to drive more specific engagement within your virtual conferences.

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Once you’ve set up your deep links using our Fully Managed offering, you’ll have more time to be able to develop a specific content strategy. Most organizations hold one major event per year and hope for the best. Don’t be one of them! You must have a content re-use plan and a way to maximize excitement and revenue. Click below to download our Winning Event Strategy to see how you can increase registration retention and hold more events without dramatically increasing your content creation!