1100% ROI from vConferenceOnline: See how they did it

Is there anything more frustrating than planning a CME event, investing months of time and effort, only to have low attendance? This was one client’s experience until they discovered vConferenceOnline. Their 1100% ROI from using vConferenceOnline’s platform is clear evidence that online CME can be a powerful tool for event organizers and should be part of your event strategy. Read on to learn how they did it!

Wait, who is vConferenceOnline?

vConferenceOnline is a experienced event platform that has been in operation since 2007.

Before 2007 we were helping a DBA membership site with their webinars. During a 1 hour webinar, the webinar platform that they were using went down in the middle of the webinar. Our team called the support hotline and was told that it would be at least 4 hours before they heard back from the support team.

That was not going to work out for the webinar, and that was the final straw which led to the genesis of our virtual event platform.

Since 2007 we have helped more than 1000 brands across various industries host virtual and hybrid events to propel their event strategy forward with a positive ROI, real-time support, and individualized attention for sponsors, speakers, event organizers, and more!

We have had a spot in our hearts for continuing medical education (CME) events during that time and have optimized several of our offerings for you specifically. We’ve created an experienced event platform for medical associations who are tired of out-of-touch platforms that can’t help them with their CME offerings. With over 15 years of experience with some of the largest CME events in the world, vConferenceOnline can help you increase your revenue and help take your event to the next level! We’ve even helped one customer increase their revenue to earn an 1100% ROI from ticket sales alone!

How did they plan and execute the event?

This specific event was a great success for everyone involved, and we had a long-term relationship with their team. Initially starting as a tradeshow, they had a vision of growing their event into something more: The leading CME provider in their space.

This visionary approach was unique at the time, and they partnered with us at vConferenceOnline to create an event that was, and still is, unlike any other. 

Some of the items that helped make their event successful and grow year after year included: 

  • Live and On-Demand CME offerings
  • Real-time support during the event and extended support for certificates and credit submissions
  • A thriving sponsor hall
  • Unique ticket options
  • A fully managed service from vConferenceOnline

Live and On-Demand CME offerings

Medical professionals are looking for flexibility in their CME offerings. If you aren’t offering flexibility, they will find someone who will and may not attend any of your events. This client, in particular, put the effort in to ensure that their sessions were credentialed for both live and on-demand credits. 

Offering live and on-demand opportunities for CME will take extra planning on your part, but it is well worth the time! Most, if not all, certifying bodies have different requirements for live and on-demand credits, so you will need to check on your requirements. These requirements range from something as simple as an attendance check (was the attendee in the room during the lecture?) to a time requirement with a graded 25-question quiz at the end of the session. 

You need to make sure that the platform you select can support you with these different CME offerings. The platform should also provide you with some reporting and the ability to streamline your submission process to the certifying body.


Whether it is wholly virtual, hybrid, or exclusively in-person, support is the lifeblood of any event. Your event may even have some unique questions that are common amongst your attendees. 

Why isn’t my credit showing on my certificate? 

I’ve been watching “X” all day, and I do not see any credits. What happened? 

My sessions from a previous event were not sent into “Y.” Can you help? 

My group can’t get into the event! 

I have a specific question for a speaker – where can I go? 

How do I update the billing for my membership? 

These are just some of the questions we fielded custom for this client. They worked alongside our team to ensure that there were multiple channels of support throughout the live days of their event so that their medical professionals could get the help they needed quickly and get back on with their learning. 

The medical professionals didn’t stop needing help when their event wasn’t live, though! Our team stood by to help with these questions and more regarding credits, submissions, updating profiles as needed, and projecting future events for the attendees. 

Your platform must be able to come alongside you and your team to ensure that your attendees get their answers quickly and efficiently.

A thriving sponsor hall

One of the best ways to help monetize your event is sponsorships, and this event was no different. With their variety of sponsors, they were able to provide them with unique sponsorship opportunities, ranging from video ads, imaging across the platform and communications, and more. 

Their sponsors were able to take advantage of our intuitive platform to increase their own brand awareness and generate leads, causing them to come back year after year. 

Imagine not having to hunt for new sponsors every year because your previous sponsors want to come back! 

Your platform must give the opportunity for sponsors to generate their own business without becoming burdensome for the attendees. You will need reporting to indicate the value and allow them to import these leads into their own CRM in the most convenient way possible.

Unique Ticket Options

Your attendees want flexibility in how they attend your event to earn their credits, so offer them a variety of options in how they can access it virtually! Tickets are one of the best ways to monetize your event. This organization used unique ticket types ranging from early-bird discounts to sponsored tickets to group rates and more to help drive their registrations. 


There are so many ways to create different ticket types. Here are some other ideas: 

  • Tradeshow only tickets
  • On Demand only tickets
  • “Backstage Pass” tickets
  • Topic based tickets
  • Tickets with a “Done For You” reporting to the certifying body add-on
  • …. And more! 

Ensuring that you have a streamlined process for accepting paid registrations and automating the access required will make your life so much easier when putting on your CME event. You deserve that flexibility and need to have the ability to update these options real-time to allow or disallow access as needed.

A fully managed service from vConferenceOnline

Over the past handful of years, event teams have become smaller and smaller. Your team may have had 10 or more people at one point, and now it might just be you. Medical associations clearly recognize the importance of events for credits and thought leadership, but the team sizes have suffered as revenues have dwindled at times. 

vConferenceOnline has a unique event management offering that we call “Fully Managed.” This client specifically leveraged this so that they didn’t need to worry about building their event. 

They could focus on the important things. Event Marketing. Sponsorships. Finding exciting new speakers. 

They used this done-for-you option to its fullest, including: 

  • Production coaching and rehearsal
  • Custom development discounts
  • Weekly status meeting
  • Speaker and Sponsor management
  • Data entry
  • Full set up and customization inside the event space
  • ….. And more! 

There’s been a significant rise in “Accidental Event Organizers”. You have more important things than performing data entry, fielding questions about your platform, and building out an event. This may not even be your full-time position! Your platform MUST offer you extended support to help ease your burden. 

You can have these results too!

CME event organizers can breathe a sigh of relief- there is no longer any need to worry about low attendance rates. vConferenceOnline has the power to help you increase your ROI and make your conference a success. We offer unique ticketing options, fully managed support, live and on-demand credits, and a thriving sponsor hall that will help you achieve your goals. Click below to schedule a consultation with us so that we can discuss how our platform can benefit your CME event!

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